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TUM's Mission

Our work supports the building of a cohesive and participatory citizenry, responsible for their actions and committed to their communities, through activities that improve the quality of life for at-risk families while reducing the human impact on the environment.

TUM's Vision

To replicate the model of social intervention developed by Techamos Una Mano in additional cities throughout Mexico; to increase the volume of inorganic solid waste recovered and redirected to the recycling industry; and in so doing, to raise the number of sustainable buildings constructed via Techamos Una Mano's techniques.


Current problem and contribution

Several government programs at the federal and state level seek to resolve the housing shortage in Oaxaca. However the large number of Mexicans in poverty makes it impossible for these programs to cover the total population in need. 


Substandard housing conditions


homes with

lightweight materials

Techamos Una Mano is a Oaxacan non-profit foundation that seeks, with the participation of citizens and volunteers, to create positive social and envirnomental impact in its community. Starting with TUM's sustainable building technique, we achieve a double objective: improving living conditions of badly marginalized families, and raising awareness among the population of the importance of reusing inorganic solid wastes.


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Statistics: Oaxaca. Source: INEGI

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